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Scott Freund Racing / SFR Productions

Scott Freund Racing was formed in 1997 as a motorsports marketing business and racing team.

In 2000 Scott Freund Racing formed SFR Productions a small independent video production company.
Our goal was to develop motorsports marketing videos for our fellow racers. SFR Productions
quickly moved into the documentary field and had instant success with national and international sales.

In 2005 Freund Enterprises, LLC took control of SFR Productions and Scott Freund Racing.

SFR Productions has been involved with several productions that are currently sold nationally
and internationally. These titles include: Pearl Harbor The Real Story and Pearl Harbor Revisited,
The Civil War Tour, Air Power, Ghosts of Tombstone, The Historic Bird Cage Theatre of Tombstone,
Ghosts of Virginia City and the RMS Queen Mary.

We continue to grow and develop new ideas that will keep us going long into the future.

We have just completed "Iwo Jima" and "Air Power featuring Castle Air Museum".

Current projects under development "The Battle of Tarawa" and "The Donner Party"


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